Did you know that ACT142 went into effect on 12/31/16 and it will dramatically impact the rights of owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers who are interested in managing, protecting, preserving or filing mechanics lien claims?

Everyone in attendance at yesterday’s AFSA MAC meeting knows and they are back in their offices today, armed with that knowledge and ready to take action.

The opening meeting of the 2017 season for AFSA MAC went very well. Our first speaker – Dave Davis of Davis, Bucco & Ardizzi – was incredibly knowledgeable on this subject and attendees commented that they now know how these new changes are going to have an effect on their business and what they can do to better prepare themselves today.

Make sure that you are not left behind on important changes to state laws and regulations that effect the day-to-day operation of your business by keeping up with our meetings and working with us to find more value for you, our members!

Next month, send us your newer designers and project managers for a class on Introduction to Storage. The meeting will be held on March 16th in King of Prussia at iFly. We chose this venue to add some fun to the mix (not to imply that Introduction to Storage is not fun… exactly) for our attendees – included in the price of the meeting is a round of indoor skydiving – click here to visit the meeting page for more information!